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Office 365 for Education

Technology is changing faster than ever before. Give your Students the competitive edge with Office 365.

Improve student learning across the board with Office 365 for education.

Schools and Universities aim to provide the best levels of education for their students, but budgets, time restraints and IT maintenance often interfere. With Office 365 for education licences, you can provide the technology to help your school succeed and run more efficiently than ever before.

Connect with colleagues and students, no matter where they are and improve learning outcomes with built-in accessibility tools that support math, reading, writing and communication.

Office 365 is for everyone – Students, Faculty, and IT managers.
Right now, academic institutions could access Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Whiteboard and more, for free with Microsoft’s Student use Benefits.

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Office 365 education

The UK Government is encouraging Schools to pursue a Cloud-first strategy.

The UK Government is wants Schools to pursue a cloud-first strategy, managing their systems and services in an online environment, as opposed to locally in a School building.

Moving your systems and software to the cloud has never been easier… or more important in today’s Hybrid learning environment, where Students may have to work at home for long periods of time.

As a cloud-based service, Office 365 for education not only empowers students in their learning, but it also helps Schools to comply with best practices, including the ‘Schools Financial Values Standard’, and guidelines on School and College security.


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What are the benefits of Office 365 Education?

Microsoft Office 365 for education offers an abundance of technologies and benefits for both Staff and Students in education, including:

Provide School to Work transferable skills

Whether it’s learning to send an email, create a PowerPoint presentation or to use Excel, Office 365 helps prepare students for a smooth transition into the workplace. Leaving School, Students will already have some required software experience.

Reduced IT management costs

Updating software and systems can be technically challenging and time consuming for Schools. Since Office 365 is a cloud-based solution it is automatically updated. Users always have access to the latest versions and security patches.

Improved classroom experiences

Microsoft’s applications allow educators to deliver a more immersive classroom experience, better engaging students and motivating them to learn.

Global communication and Hybrid learning

Connect with Faculty, Staff and Students, anywhere across the world for seamless collaboration and learning through applications including Microsoft Teams.

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