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CloudCover Object Storage

Whether your customers need to store files or fulfil their 3-2-1 backup strategy, CloudCover Object Storage provides all the benefits, without the transaction costs of Hyperscalers.

Offer storage scalability and flexibility with immutability.

Businesses are creating more unstructured data than ever before, and this is leaving your customers with the overwhelming challenge of managing, backing up and recovering this information, while keeping costs low.

As this data grows, so do the storage requirements and many are walking the fine line between data loss and investing in costly internal storage solutions. You can help with CloudCover Object Storage.

Partnering with virtualDCS means that both you and your customers avoid the costs of purchasing and maintaining a secondary Object Storage Infrastructure, while accessing a range of benefits over Block Storage, including less wasted space and data immutability.

If you’re considering supplying an Object Storage solution, Hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure and Google charge users for every data operation performed, including reads, writes and deletes. This makes transaction costs unpredictable and in many instances they can even form a larger part of the bill than the at-rest storage does itself.

CloudCover Object Storage offers both you and your customers predictable monthly billing, with no operational transaction or outbound data charges.

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Discover how simple, and profitable it can be to deliver CloudCover Object Storage to your customers.

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Key CloudCover Object Storage features:

S3 compatible storage

Our S3 compatible storage buckets work with all leading Backup technologies.

Recurring revenue

Access recurring revenue over hardware upgrades and free primary storage space.


Help ensure legal compliance and privacy through immutable storage facilities.

No operational charges

Providers including AWS, Azure and Google charge for every data operation performed.

No outbound charges

Like transaction charges, many providers charge for outbound data requests.

Superior to Block storage

Object Storage provides immutability and reduces wasted space.

Avoid CapEx

Avoid hardware purchases and offer CloudCover Object Storage as a Service.

File-level encryption

Help safeguard data privacy with an additional layer of file-level encryption.

ISO 27001 accredited

virtualDCS holds security accreditations including ISO 27001 for peace of mind.

Our CloudCover Object Storage use cases include:

Our S3 compatible buckets work seamlessly with all leading backup technologies, including Veeam, Datto and Zerto for comprehensive protection with no transaction or operational charges.

Help eradicate expensive hardware purchases and the need for your customers to have to pre-empt future data growth and hardware deterioration.

Provide data protection through immutability – for your customers that need to retain sensitive information for compliance purposes and prove that data has not been accessed or tampered with.

CloudCover Object Storage

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Explore costs of Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, IBM Object Storage and our own CloudCover Object Storage.

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