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On-site Server Continuity

What is the most likely I.T. disaster you are going to face? A fire in your computer room? An Aeroplane crashing into your building? Someone stealing your servers?

In reality, the most likely I.T. disaster is actually server hardware failure or the corruption of critical data. virtualDCS can help with On-site server continuity.

Our Local Recovery Appliance can be installed on your network, providing local protection for your servers and your data. This is done by replicating your servers to the appliance using a variety of virtualisation technologies. Once operational, the appliance can take the role of any of your servers while still providing protection to the others.

Imagine having a managed service where any protected server can be back on the network without waiting for new hardware. Imagine not having to waste the valuable time of the I.T. department by rebuilding servers from tape backup.

With a virtualDCS On-site Server Continuity, plan we take the headache out of the recovery process.

With a Local Recovery Appliance, you could also benefit from:

– Real-time local replication of selected servers with an RPO of just seconds.

– Regular snapshots enable recovery from corruption, accidental deletion of data, or damage caused by a virus.

– Can remove single points of failure and reduce the need for clustering.

– By taking our Off-site Server Protection option your servers will also replicate to our secure data centre.

– Easy to test without interruption to your regular service.

– Easy to failback and rebuild your new servers when you are ready and much more…