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virtualDCS shortlisted in national business continuity awards

Leeds-based IT hosting company virtualDCS is celebrating after being shortlisted for a key award in the Business Continuity Awards 2011, organised by leading trade title Continuity, Insurance & Risk (CIR) magazine. virtualDCS’s business continuity and disaster recovery solution ‘CloudCover™’ has been shortlisted in the ‘Most Innovative Solution of The Year’ category in the awards, which…
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What can Email Continuity do for your Business?

What can Email Continuity do for your Business? 18% of businesses described the impact of downtime on their reputation as ‘very damaging,’ according to Information Week. In the IT world in particular, downtime and data losses are common continuity issues given the global and unpredictable nature of the web. Email continuity planning and disaster recovery…
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The Ransomware threat is getting worse. Here’s how to protect your business.

Things have not improved since the last time we talked about Ransomware. Back then, we gave you some practical tips to reduce your risks and protect your business. The advice we gave back in 2019 still stands, and we will be giving you a reminder of it below. However, there has been a huge surge…
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Business security and remote working during COVID19 and beyond

This week marks the start of the next stage for gradual easing of COVID19 lockdown restrictions. However, remote working looks set to continue for many months. For some businesses, the pandemic has initiated a permanent cultural change, in which remote or flexible working will become the new norm. My concern is that the shift to…
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CloudCover™ Continuity

In the event of an incident, our CloudCover™ suite can quickly restore business data. Your organisation can be consistently protected and can be up and running within minutes. CloudCover™ works by continuously duplicating an organisation’s computer systems to secure off-site data centres. Instead of tape-based back-up, which carries inherent risks in disaster scenarios, the use…
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Disaster Recovery: Don’t fail to protect your business.

A recent survey by Timico, has brought to light the tremendous financial costs that IT managers are facing when their business is subject to an unexpected downtime. Out of the managers surveyed, 37% estimated that the cost per minute of downtime that they face is around £10,000 to £20,000. Imagine if one of these organisations…
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Why your data security needs to be more than a tick in a box

It is the kind of nightmare scenario that keeps IT managers up at night. A major Ransomware attack has completely disabled your systems. All of your business critical data and systems have been encrypted. Your company grinds to a halt and you can’t operate until the data has been restored. In the meantime, you still…
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