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Why backups are no good when a disaster or cyber attack hits

Backups are a part of our daily lives now. From backing up our phones to storing our treasured family photos on an external hard drive, we are all familiar with the process of backing up important data so that it can be retrieved if there is a problem with the original source. In business too,…
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Does outsourced IT infrastructure compromise your data security?

2020 will go down in history as the year that cloud based technologies and cloud hosting were catapulted into the mainstream, with everyone from local business owners to Grandmothers jumping feet first into the digital world. For many larger organisations, lockdown has put a rocket into on-going digital transformation projects and supercharged the shift to…
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IT strategy review for a post-COVID world

The challenge for CTOs and IT managers as we return to the “norm” is – what will the post-COVID landscape look like? We’re operating in unknown territory, but what we do know is that change can happen quickly and we have to be able to adapt to survive. Almost all businesses will have seen some…
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Could the cloud relieve the impact of the Coronavirus?

There are many disruptive sides to the Coronavirus spreading globally – personally, professionally and economically, but throughout the crisis what we’re seeing is that the cloud is significantly reducing its impact – from enabling data to be shared instantly between health care professionals to holding virtual classrooms online. The rush for cloud-first IT In recent…
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What Amazon and Azure can’t do

In our last blog post on how cloud computing is revolutionising the retail industry, we talked about the big players in the marketplace. Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest cloud computing platform, hosting the likes of Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook and the BBC. But Microsoft Azure is also one to watch, particularly how global retail…
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READ MORE The Office 365 backup gaps you didn’t know about If you’re relying on the native Microsoft backup in Office 365, you’ll really want to read on! Businesses across the globe are now “seeing the light in the cloud” and moving their onsite exchange environments over to Microsoft Office 365. READ MORE Which is…
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7 reasons why you shouldn’t move to the cloud

Are you an IT Manager who is struggling to sell in cloud based solutions to your senior management team? Perhaps you’re a business owner who wants to understand more about the cloud. What are the risks and are they outweighed by the benefits? Are you sceptical about it all? We understand and that’s why we…
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