Reseller Scheme

With our cloud reseller scheme, your business has complete control of its customers, with the option to white label services.
Working together to reach your goals

We’re more than happy to help our partners resell any of our services, and if your customer needs a bespoke solution, we’re also here to help.

Working with virtualDCS, your business can supply customers with all the advantages of Cloud Computing, without the cost or internal expertise required to purchase and maintain the facilities.

From Infrastructure Hosting to Disaster Recovery and Application Hosting, we’ve got the knowledge to help you give your customers the service they deserve.

With our reseller offer, virtualDCS has as little or as much contact with your customer as you require. Invoices are paid directly to your business, and your customers don’t even have to know we exist.

We’ll also provide you with a range of tools to help you generate and close sales, including pricing tools, workshops, and marketing collateral.

resell cloud computing

Generate recurring revenue

Broaden your service portfolio

Secure long term contracts

Maintain customer control