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Common Private Cloud questions

Common Private Cloud questions

A Private Cloud is a term used to describe a virtualisation infrastructure that is dedicated to a sole organisation.

Although the term and concept is commonly discussed, there are still questions that organisations regularly and rightly ask. This blog aims to answer some of the key queries that we are asked on a regular basis.

Private cloudWhy should I use a Private Cloud over a Public Cloud?

Private Clouds are ideal for businesses that want the full control and comfort of having dedicated hardware, as opposed to using a Public Cloud that is shared by several companies. Private Clouds offer complete physical isolation from other companies, which for some businesses could be necessary under legal legislation if confidential data is being held. Hardware and network performance can also be tailored completely for the organisation.

Can I mix a Private and Public cloud together?

Yes, you can mix Public and Private Cloud technologies together to create what is known as a Hybrid Cloud. Many believe that a Hybrid cloud is a ‘best of both worlds’ solution, enabling organisations to keep strictly sensitive information on a private cloud, in addition to customised applications but use the public cloud for workload peaks, testing or disaster recovery.

Where should I keep a Private cloud?

This decision is entirely up to your organisation. With a Private Cloud you can store the solution on premise or rent data centre space with a provider to store it. You also have the choice of either maintaining the cloud yourself or asking a third party provider to do this. It entirely depends on how much control you require.