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Cybersecurity Crisis Management: Business Continuity, Remote Working & Disaster Recovery during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’ve talked a lot about viruses before, in relation to malware and ransomware. But we think this is the first time that a biological virus has had such wide-reaching technological impacts. You may have spent the last week or two rapidly transitioning your business online and setting up your whole workforce (where possible) to work…
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Business Continuity

Does your business have an effective Business Continuity plan in place? Very few organisations have a fully comprehensive disaster recovery strategy in place. Some take an ‘it will never happen to us’ approach towards data protection and others assume they are protected by cloud-based solutions, only finding out they are not when it is too…
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Five more things you should cover in your business continuity plan

We’re already three months into 2018 and I’m sure that by now you’ll have come across blogs, videos and infographics telling you that you need to have a business continuity plan in place to protect your organisation. Many of these advisory pieces only tell you that your business needs to have one in place while…
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Five practices to AVOID in Business Continuity

More often than not, the cause of Business Continuity failure can be pinpointed down to two elements. We speak from experience when we say that a well thought out Business Continuity plan should be at the heart of every organisation, but unfortunately, the majority of failed recovery plans are down to a lack of preparation.…
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Five things you should cover in your business continuity plan

Business continuity is more than just a phrase for data backup. A successful plan should provide a continuity roadmap and instructions for a business to recover after an incident. Your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) should be well thought out, documented, centrally located and distributed to every relevant staff member. Copies should also be stored off-site…
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Business continuity – Tape vs Cloud backup

What solution is best for my business? Tape backups can be a useful if you are working for a small company that needs a simple internal Business Continuity solution. As long as you can commit to swapping the tapes on a regular basis, then depending on the rate of change this could be an acceptable solution. When…
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Business Continuity Planning: RPO and RTO

RPO and RTO are two of the most common abbreviations used when discussing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning, but what exactly do these terms mean and what do they mean for organisations? Recovery Point Objective (RPO) describes the amount of data that the organisation could afford to lose in the event of a disaster and…
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