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Tesco broadband outage

Yesterday Tesco confirmed that its broadband service was suffering outages across the UK. Tesco broadband customers have flooded social media channels with complaints. The organisation supplies a broadband connection to around 75,000 customers, with around 10,000 of these being inconvenienced by the outage, all over the country. The company is in the process of selling…
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Phishing scams catch victims in minutes

A recent report compiled by Verizon analyses around 80,000 security incidents that took place in 2014. The report found that 25% of companies that receive a phishing email were likely to open it. Phishing is defined as the attempt to acquire sensitive or private information such as passwords, credit card details and usernames, by masquerading…
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Disaster Recovery: Don’t fail to protect your business.

A recent survey by Timico, has brought to light the tremendous financial costs that IT managers are facing when their business is subject to an unexpected downtime. Out of the managers surveyed, 37% estimated that the cost per minute of downtime that they face is around £10,000 to £20,000. Imagine if one of these organisations…
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Enterprise Cloud migration tips

Enterprise Cloud migration tips I’m sure you are already aware that migrating your IT facilities to the cloud has an array of advantages. The two most popular being the ability to access business data from any location and the simplicity of upgrading storage when required, without the worry of capital expenditure. Many blogs explore these…
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3 Business Reasons to migrate to the cloud

Choosing to migrate to the cloud not only has technology benefits, but it also provides compelling business advantages. Companies are increasingly under pressure to do more, while spending less and the cloud enables organisations to do just that. If not through the elimination of redundant hardware but through the ability for users to pay only for…
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The true cost of Cloud Computing downtime

With a number of businesses migrating to the Cloud each day, service providers are being placed under more and more pressure to provide a highly available and secure service. Even just a few minutes of downtime on a platform can cost a business a staggering amount. Over the last five years, worldwide, there has been…
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What can Email Continuity do for your Business?

What can Email Continuity do for your Business? 18% of businesses described the impact of downtime on their reputation as ‘very damaging,’ according to Information Week. In the IT world in particular, downtime and data losses are common continuity issues given the global and unpredictable nature of the web. Email continuity planning and disaster recovery…
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