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The Cloud Computing experts

Tips for Cloud Computing Implementations

To date it’s estimated that almost 80% of UK organisations utilise at least one cloud based service within their company. As cloud computing implementations are relatively new and don’t include a ‘one size fits all’ solution, organisations need to slow down and assess their individual requirements. This blog contains tips on how to make the…
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Cloud Computing and the IT administrator

IT administrators in organisations that make use of cloud computing technology argue that they spend less time doing mundane activities. This is the key finding from the latest BetterCloud study. It also showed a clear trend of larger organisations migrating to cloud services such as Office 365, as opposed to small and medium enterprises running…
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15% increase in SME cloud computing adoption

Cloud computing adoption among small and medium sized businesses within the UK has increased by 15% in the last year, according to recent statistics.   These figures were discovered by joint research from BT Business and the British Chambers of Commerce and were part of a wider survey, examining how UK SMEs benefit from technology.…
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Cloud Computing soars in 2015

Cloud Computing is currently the fastest growing division of IT infrastructure spending in the world. The latest report from IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Infrastructure Tracker states that total cloud IT infrastructure spending will grow by 26.4% and reach a value of $33.4 billion by the end of 2015. Within these statistics, Private Cloud infrastructures are estimated…
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Microsoft Azure prices rise for customers

Microsoft is currently revising its cloud prices, with customers in Europe, Canada and Australia most likely to feel the pinch. The tech giant has currently not confirmed how much prices will increase by, but has stated that it is related to currently fluctuation.  A Microsoft spokesperson released a statement to ‘The Register’ stating that the…
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Cloud computing to enable new business models

200 business and IT executives were surveyed by Oxford Economics and SAP regarding the use of the ever increasing cloud computing technology. The results were as follows: 44% of enterprises are relying on cloud technology to help them to launch new models today, with this rising to 55% in another three years. 69% of the…
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The growth of mobile connectivity

Technology trends such as Bring Your Own Device and Wearable technology are dramatically contributing to the growth of mobile connectivity, states Cisco. By 2019, 24 billion devices are anticipated to be connected via mobile internet. Cisco has recently released its ‘VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast’ detailing some of the changes that they predict. These include:…
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