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Cyber-attacks hit British Airways, Slack and Github

British Airways’ air-miles accounts, the work chat service slack and coding site Github have all been hacked in the latest wave of cyber-attacks. Users of the car service Uber have also being complaining of issues, but the organisation has denied any evidence of a breach. Organisations with a confirmed hack have now notified users of…
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Three things you should know cloud computing

You can refresh an aging infrastructure without CAPEX The feature is especially useful for organisations trying to accommodate and implement new technology. For example, if a business wished to virtualise its mission critical applications, they could easily do this through a third party cloud provider. Traditionally, they would have had to purchase expensive servers and…
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3 Cloud Computing skills to boost your career

Cloud technology has changed the landscape of organisations of all sizes. In an industry as competitive as IT, employees need to have a variety of skills and be multi-faced and versatile in the cloud sector. PC World gathered the opinions of a number of thought leaders within the industry to comprise a list of Cloud…
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Finding the right cloud provider

A guest blog by Tom Chappelow, Managing Director of Nimbox. Choosing the right sales model, coding languages, website font and coffee machine are all important decisions when launching a new and (hopefully) popular app. As we began to build a company around our app, and as the availability of the Nimbox service became the biggest cause of…
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Disaster Recovery: Don’t fail to protect your business.

A recent survey by Timico, has brought to light the tremendous financial costs that IT managers are facing when their business is subject to an unexpected downtime. Out of the managers surveyed, 37% estimated that the cost per minute of downtime that they face is around £10,000 to £20,000. Imagine if one of these organisations…
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Half the UK population will use a tablet in 2015

Research firm eMarketer has predicted there will be a total of 32.8m British tablet users in 2015, accounting for more than 50% of the population. According to the research, Brits will be using a tablet at least once a month this year and by 2019 the company predicts these figures will rise to 40.2 million…
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Enterprise Cloud migration tips

Enterprise Cloud migration tips I’m sure you are already aware that migrating your IT facilities to the cloud has an array of advantages. The two most popular being the ability to access business data from any location and the simplicity of upgrading storage when required, without the worry of capital expenditure. Many blogs explore these…
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