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‘On-Premise’ vs ‘In the cloud’: key challenges and solutions

The vast majority of organisations now utilise the cloud for at least some of their operations – whether that be cloud hosting, cloud disaster recovery, cloud replication or general business functions like HR and marketing. There does remain a small number who still operate entirely on-premise, however, the majority run some form of hybrid solution.…
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7 reasons why you shouldn’t move to the cloud

Are you an IT Manager who is struggling to sell in cloud based solutions to your senior management team? Perhaps you’re a business owner who wants to understand more about the cloud. What are the risks and are they outweighed by the benefits? Are you sceptical about it all? We understand and that’s why we…
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Personal cloud market to hit $90bn by 2020

According to the latest forecast by Allied Market Research, by 2020 the personal cloud market is expected to reach a value around $90 billion, around £58.5bn. The report defines a personal cloud as “a cloud storage platform that enables the customers to access, synchronize and share stored data across various mobile devices such as smartphones…
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Smartphone sales in China drop

Worldwide smartphone sales are at the slowest growth rate since 2013, according to research firm Gartner. The research organisation has stated that this decrease was due to a dip in sales from China, which is the world’s biggest smartphone market. “China is the biggest country for smartphone sales, representing 30 per cent of total sales…
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Cloud predictions for the finance industry

With the emergence of cloud computing, the world has never seen such an evolving state of technology. Particularly regarding the changes within the financial sector. To put this statement into context, here are a few industry statistics and predictions: Mobile banking usage will exceed 1.75 billion by 2019, representing 32% of the global adult population.…
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Cloud Computing and the IT administrator

IT administrators in organisations that make use of cloud computing technology argue that they spend less time doing mundane activities. This is the key finding from the latest BetterCloud study. It also showed a clear trend of larger organisations migrating to cloud services such as Office 365, as opposed to small and medium enterprises running…
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Cloud Computing for start-up businesses

Technology can help a start-up business thrive, but few know that it can also harm the business if you are unable to keep up with its latest advances. For start-ups, the cloud is undoubtedly much cheaper and easier to use, with automatic patching and upgrades protecting users from the latest threats. Typically start-ups do not…
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