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The Cloud Computing experts

Personal cloud market to hit $90bn by 2020

According to the latest forecast by Allied Market Research, by 2020 the personal cloud market is expected to reach a value around $90 billion, around £58.5bn. The report defines a personal cloud as “a cloud storage platform that enables the customers to access, synchronize and share stored data across various mobile devices such as smartphones…
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Common cloud security mistakes

As technology advances and new business opportunities arise, the interest of hackers and cloud security also follows closely behind. Employees taking basic precautions can keep your business data safe. This blog contains some simple, yet unexpectedly ignored tips for protecting your data. Use strong passwords This is a basic security precaution that everyone should be…
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MSpy hacked and data stolen

Mspy – a company that provides software that enables people to spy on the activity of others has been hacked.  Thousands of customer records are now available online. The mSpy software is targeted at parents who are worried about what their children are doing online, however the software is also used for more ethically questionable…
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Cloud security tips for small businesses

For small businesses, the cloud is a simple and low cost method of maintaining an effective IT infrastructure. Unfortunately adoption is hindered by a rumoured lack of cloud security. For SMEs the cloud is actually in fact a much safer alternative to other low cost IT solutions. Here are four additional measures that small businesses…
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The increasing cost of Cyber crime

Unfortunately with today’s lifestyle Cyber crime really does pay. With the continuing development of digital goods and services, cyber-crime is estimated to reach $2.1 trillion (£1.3 trillion) by 2019. The latest results from Juniper research finds that through the rise of ransomware, threats are becoming more serious and could potentially be spread around more mobile…
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Phishing scams catch victims in minutes

A recent report compiled by Verizon analyses around 80,000 security incidents that took place in 2014. The report found that 25% of companies that receive a phishing email were likely to open it. Phishing is defined as the attempt to acquire sensitive or private information such as passwords, credit card details and usernames, by masquerading…
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PayPal in US government pay out

PayPal has agreed to pay the US government a total of $7.7m (around £5.1m) following claims that it allowed payments to be completed that violated the sanctions against Cuba, Sudan and Iran. The US Treasury department said the firm had failed to screen and prevent these transactions, with one of the incidents including a $7,000…
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