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Google Beacon – persistent project or privacy predicament?

Just another day at the office when an unexpected parcel from Google drops on the door step… the random gift of a Google Beacon! The organisation is pushing the initiative once more by sending businesses free Beacons to encourage implementation. Unfortunately, in today’s security conscious environment these deliveries are sparking more privacy questions than implementations.…
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Ashley Madison left ‘pay to delete’ information intact

Accounts that had been paid to be wiped by the Ashley Madison website have still retained enough information for users to be identified, according to reports. The group that attacked the corporation has called themselves the ‘Impact team’ and they were motivated by the fact “[f]ull Delete netted Avid Life Media $1.7m [£1.1m] in revenue in…
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Public bodies are accidentally releasing confidential information

Police, Councils and Government Departments are unintentionally releasing personal and confidential information on a regular basis.  This is according to the freedom of information website ‘whatdotheyknow.com’. The website which automates freedom of information (FOI) requests and publishes its responses, has reported on 154 accidental data leaks since 2009. These also included reports from the NHS.…
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Surprising facts about online security

It is safe to say that our lives, both personal and professional now revolve around the internet and the more we take advantage of its benefits, the more we risk becoming a victim of cybercrime. Heimdal Security has released a new infographic as part of a wider investigation into how to protect yourself against online…
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Adobe issues emergency Flash Player Fix

Adobe has released an emergency software patch for its Flash system after it found a serious vulnerability that was being exploited by hackers. The company has stated that it has had evidence of “limited, targeted attacks” and urged users to update their software straight away. Affecting Microsoft, Macintosh and Linux platforms, the company’s security bulletin…
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Government broke data privacy rules

The British intelligence agency GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) did not follow the correct data privacy procedures when gathering information. The action was brought forward by a variety of non-government organisations (NGOs), including Amnesty and Privacy International, who accused the intelligence agencies of intercepting their communications. In most cases, the following tribunal found that if any…
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Protecting your business against Cyber crime

Cyber crime is an increasing threat and concern for business owners. Large scale hackings on organisations such as Sony, Microsoft and the US Government have been all over the news, but cyber crime damages companies of all shapes and sizes. This blog contains advice on how your business can lower the risk of being hacked…
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