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Half the UK population will use a tablet in 2015

Research firm eMarketer has predicted there will be a total of 32.8m British tablet users in 2015, accounting for more than 50% of the population. According to the research, Brits will be using a tablet at least once a month this year and by 2019 the company predicts these figures will rise to 40.2 million…
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Enterprise Cloud migration tips

Enterprise Cloud migration tips I’m sure you are already aware that migrating your IT facilities to the cloud has an array of advantages. The two most popular being the ability to access business data from any location and the simplicity of upgrading storage when required, without the worry of capital expenditure. Many blogs explore these…
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Cloud Computing and the Airline industry

In such a competitive business environment, with rivals offering lower flights and services at every turn, it’s vital that all airline companies reduce costs and save money where they can. This is why airline industries are turning to enterprise cloud computing solutions. Currently cloud computing predominantly benefits airlines in two areas; aircraft management and customer…
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Tips for building a hybrid cloud

Businesses are now acknowledging the value of utilising cloud computing technology, but when researching into potential solutions, many are realising that a ‘one size cloud solution’ does not suit all. If either public clouds or private clouds are not viable options to fulfil the business requirements, organisations are now asking cloud providers to create hybrid…
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New fingerprint authentication for banks

In an industry first, RBS and Natwest have announced that its customers can now access their bank accounts on their smartphone, only using fingerprint recognition technology. Using existing Apple technology, this is currently available to around 880,000 customers using iPhone, 5s, 6 and 6 plus smartphones. The banks have released the new login system in…
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Business Continuity Planning: RPO and RTO

RPO and RTO are two of the most common abbreviations used when discussing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning, but what exactly do these terms mean and what do they mean for organisations? Recovery Point Objective (RPO) describes the amount of data that the organisation could afford to lose in the event of a disaster and…
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Microsoft stops its Small Business Server offering

In July 2012 Microsoft announced that their new server 2012 platform will exclude a Small Business Server (SBS) offering.