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Google Beacon – persistent project or privacy predicament?

Just another day at the office when an unexpected parcel from Google drops on the door step… the random gift of a Google Beacon! The organisation is pushing the initiative once more by sending businesses free Beacons to encourage implementation. Unfortunately, in today’s security conscious environment these deliveries are sparking more privacy questions than implementations.…
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Google welcomes its new parent company ‘Alphabet’

The organisation is now going to be restructured into a new holding company called ‘Alphabet’ and will be the largest subsidiary of its new parent company. Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced the shake-up of the company through a blog post on Monday evening. The new company, Alphabet, will preside over a collection of organisations…
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Google Chromium: eavesdropping tool installed without permission

Privacy campaigners claim that the ‘always listening’ component was activated within Chromium, meaning that private conversations held around a computer may have been monitored. The feature was designed to support the company’s new “OK, Google” feature, that enables the computer to respond when it is spoken to but has since been installed and activated without…
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European commission announces antitrust charges against Google

On Wednesday, the union accused Google of cheating competition by distorting internet search results in favour of its own Google shopping service. The inquiry will focus on the accusations that Google has unfairly used its products to overthrow competitors. The commission has also launched an antitrust probe into Google’s Android operating system. Competition commissioner Magrethe…
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Google cloud outage strikes

A new Google cloud outage struck the organisation, as Google Compute Engine (GSE) users experienced a brown out over the weekend, not unlike the service failure in February. A brownout is defined as either an intentional or unintentional voltage drop in  electricity. Starting at 9:44 AM on Saturday 7th March, the outage lasted for 43…
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