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Three things you should know cloud computing

You can refresh an aging infrastructure without CAPEX The feature is especially useful for organisations trying to accommodate and implement new technology. For example, if a business wished to virtualise its mission critical applications, they could easily do this through a third party cloud provider. Traditionally, they would have had to purchase expensive servers and…
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Half the UK population will use a tablet in 2015

Research firm eMarketer has predicted there will be a total of 32.8m British tablet users in 2015, accounting for more than 50% of the population. According to the research, Brits will be using a tablet at least once a month this year and by 2019 the company predicts these figures will rise to 40.2 million…
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Google cloud outage strikes

A new Google cloud outage struck the organisation, as Google Compute Engine (GSE) users experienced a brown out over the weekend, not unlike the service failure in February. A brownout is defined as either an intentional or unintentional voltage drop in  electricity. Starting at 9:44 AM on Saturday 7th March, the outage lasted for 43…
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Modern business struggles without the cloud

Thanks to advances in cloud computing, businesses have been able to take advantage of technology like never before. It’s no lie that businesses are now dependant on the cloud and there are certain areas that modern businesses would struggle to maintain without it. We’ve explored three of these areas, below. Remote working Through the cloud,…
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Four Cloud financial benefits

From increased efficiency to flexibility, there are numerous ways that migrating to the cloud can positively affect your business. To be honest, it also just makes good business sense in terms of the Cloud’s financial benefits. Pay for what you use Cloud computing brings high utilisation capabilities, along with the levelling of points and dips in…
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Ensuring your private cloud is a success

Gartner analyst Tom Bitman recently posted a blog on the top six reasons that private clouds fail to work. He states that 95% respondents in a recent Gartner survey said that some aspect of their private cloud had gone wrong.  The responses were as follows. We decided to take put a positive spin on this…
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The big benefits of Cloud Computing for small businesses

Cloud Computing for small businesses has never been more effective. By the end of 2013 it is anticipated that the Cloud Computing industry will be valued as a $44 billion market, with small and medium enterprises acting as a key driver. Cisco predicts that by 2015 Cloud spending within the US alone will be valued…
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