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IT Security in 2015

I’m sure that you don’t need to be told how important IT security is to both businesses and individuals, however, some organisations are still failing to protect information. A recent infographic from Entechus has brought some scary statistics into light, including: Cyber-attacks on SME’s have increased by 300% in the last year. 1 out of…
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21st century technology trends

When historians and students look back on the 21st century, what will they list as the highlights? Wearable cloud technology? Wars, natural disasters and political turning points will naturally always be the main features of any history book, but what will be said about cloud computing technology and our technological developments? If the Internet was…
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Phishing scams catch victims in minutes

A recent report compiled by Verizon analyses around 80,000 security incidents that took place in 2014. The report found that 25% of companies that receive a phishing email were likely to open it. Phishing is defined as the attempt to acquire sensitive or private information such as passwords, credit card details and usernames, by masquerading…
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Data protection concerns continue

New research shows that NSA revelations, identity theft and hackings have left 7 out of 10 people concerned about their privacy in the UK. A string of high profile data leaks and attacks involving large companies such as British Airways and the Sony Pictures have kept data protection in the forefront of the media. This…
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Gaming site Amazon Twitch may have been hacked

Amazon Twitch has warned of a ‘possible unauthorised access’ to some user account information on the live-stream gaming network. Twitch has announced that it has expired passwords, stream keys and disconnected accounts from YouTube and Twitter to protect its users. An official blog post stated that: “We are writing to let you know that there may…
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Finding the right cloud provider

A guest blog by Tom Chappelow, Managing Director of Nimbox. Choosing the right sales model, coding languages, website font and coffee machine are all important decisions when launching a new and (hopefully) popular app. As we began to build a company around our app, and as the availability of the Nimbox service became the biggest cause of…
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IT security: 56 suspected hackers have been arrested

IT security crackdown: A total of 56 suspected hackers have been arrested by the UK’s National Crime Agency, as part of a ‘strike week’ against cybercrime. Arrests included a man suspected of being involved in the Yahoo hack of 2012. In addition to a 23 year old man suspected of being involved in hacking the…
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