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IT security: LinkedIn settles hacking court case

IT security: LinkedIn has agreed to pay $1.25 million to settle a class-action law suit. The law suit accused the company of failing to protect the passwords and private information of its premium customers. The law suit was prompted by the hack that took place in June 2012, when Russian hackers stole around six million…
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New hacking report released

A new hacking report from FireEye suggests that hackers are becoming increasingly smarter in the ways they are accessing IT systems. There is an increased trend in cyber-attackers using impersonation and social engineering to access information from employees. In the last year alone, large organisations such as Target and Sony have been struck by separate…
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New fingerprint authentication for banks

In an industry first, RBS and Natwest have announced that its customers can now access their bank accounts on their smartphone, only using fingerprint recognition technology. Using existing Apple technology, this is currently available to around 880,000 customers using iPhone, 5s, 6 and 6 plus smartphones. The banks have released the new login system in…
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