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virtualDCS Exclusive Portal Launch For Veeam & Microsoft Office 365

Portal Launch For Veeam & Microsoft Office 365. Date: Thursday 11th April at The Lost & Found Club, Leeds. Spring is looming and as new beginnings are on the horizon, so is the release of our exclusive Microsoft Office 365 & Veeam Portal. After months of hard work and testing, we have successfully created a…
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Skype back online after network issues

A problem with Skype’s status system has now been fixed after customers were left unable to use the service yesterday. Reports of problems with the software started around 9AM, with many business customers being unable to make calls. The issue locked many people’s status as ‘offline’, stopping these users making calls even though they were…
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Windows 10 sends identifiable user data

It has been reported that Windows 10 sends identifiable information to Microsoft, even if a user turns off all relevant privacy settings. An analysis undertaken by the technology site ‘Ars Technica’ shows that the operating system still contacts Microsoft even if Bing search and Cortana features are turned off. The machines used for testing were…
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Windows 10 privacy concerns

Just days after the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is under attack over its default settings, which users say compromises their privacy. Over 14 million users have installed the operating system within the first 24 hours, but hundreds of people have now gone online to criticise the operating system’s standard settings. It is reported that…
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Microsoft to cut 7,800 jobs

Due to a $7.6bn loss in its mobile phone business, Microsoft has been forced to cut jobs and reassess its smartphone business. On Wednesday the technology giant announced the unfortunate news which adds to the estimated 12,500 jobs that have been eliminated in the past year. Microsoft bought Nokia in 2012 for $7.3bn, but continued to…
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New Windows 10 predictions

According to a report carried out by the IT professional networking company Spiceworks, a huge 73% of European and American companies plan to be using Windows 10 within the first two years of its release. In the report, it is estimated that 5% will be using Windows 10 on the day of release, 35% are…
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Windows 10 released in July

Microsoft has just announced that Windows 10 will be released as a free update on 29th July 2015. This will be the last major release of the operating system, as after 29 years Microsoft will be switching to a cloud ‘Windows as a Service’ system. This will see updates rolled out automatically when ready. In…
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