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virtualDCS is now an Authorised Licence Mobility Partner

As a Microsoft Authorised Licence Mobility Partner virtualDCS customers can now use their own software licences on our Cloud platform. Yes, you read correctly… it enables you to use your own licences in the Cloud. To date, your copy of a standard Microsoft open box product license should not have legally been used with a…
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Microsoft stops its Small Business Server offering

In July 2012 Microsoft announced that their new server 2012 platform will exclude a Small Business Server (SBS) offering.

Microsoft dramatically increases UK partner prices

In January 2013 Microsoft users will be hit by price increases of up to a third, a move that will surely affect businesses throughout the UK. Providers and businesses using SPLA and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) licences will incur the biggest price hike, with an increase of 33.4%. Microsoft Online services will also increase by…
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Software as a Service and Microsoft Licencing in the Cloud.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is growing on the Cloud by the day, but is it being delivered legally? Over my many years of working with the Microsoft licencing and Cloud based services you quickly realise that most people have never read the Microsoft End User License Agreement (EULA). If you are planning to offer…
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Configure Microsoft SharePoint Workspace with SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace is a desktop application designed for remote users who need access to SharePoint data 24/7. There are 2 methods to configure your SharePoint Workspace, both of which achieve the same result. To “push” the SharePoint site to the Workspace client log into SharePoint via your web browser e.g. https://yoursite.com:987 Select ‘Sync to…
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SharePoint continuously asks for Username and Password

When logging onto or downloading any files in SharePoint you will be prompted to enter a Username and Password. Follow the steps below to add your SharePoint site to the local intranet zone of Internet Explorer and avoid this annoyance. Open your SharePoint site e.g. yoursite.com:987 Select Tools then Internet Options in Internet Explorer From…
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