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SaaS and the Cloud

The Public cloud service market is now predicted to grow to $210 billion in 2016, with SaaS and IaaS solutions also achieving significant growth, predicts Forbes. Why is the cloud growing? Many organisations have been utilising these services to cut costs by renting a solution, while also remaining competitive within the industry. By renting an…
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Simple SaaS Security tips – Software as a Service

The majority of companies today are using Software as a Service ( SaaS ) solutions, even if they are unaware of it. Online CRM systems, sharing software and online accountancy packages are just a few examples of how this technology is being used. Naturally, as more people are choosing to utilise the cloud there are…
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Software as a Service in the Human Resource department

Software as a Service (SaaS) technology is enabling Human Resource departments and organisations to be strategic and productive with the way they work, with some studies suggesting that all sectors will be accessing cloud based applications by 2020. The fact that organisations are migrating towards the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean that users understand the benefits.…
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Cloud Software trends to watch in 2015

Cloud predictions are always being made and despite the fact that they are only predictions, they act as a useful guide to point businesses in the right trend direction. We’ve compiled a list of four Cloud software trends that we believe will pick up speed in 2015. Human Resource software It is anticipated that growth…
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Lawyers and SaaS: An ethical minefield or a match made in heaven?

What is SaaS? SaaS is a software delivery model where software is hosted on a central Cloud platform, users then access this software on the platform over the Internet. Who would I be working with? When accessing software in this manner, there are could in fact be two providers that you need to work with.…
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SaaS: Are Software companies taking over the World?

A blog by Richard May Being a bit of a Sci-Fi fan, I just want to plant a few images in your head before getting on to the techie stuff. In Doctor Who and ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ everyone was buying the same mobile ear piece, which ended up with the populous being controlled. ‘Gamer’,…
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Why should I use Software as a Service?

There are a vast number of reasons for businesses to use software as a service technology, these benefits also depend on the software itself. To narrow it down for this short blog, we’ve chosen to discuss the benefits of using a cloud CRM (customer relationship management) solution. Reduce costs Providers typically allow customers to pay…
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