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The Cloud Computing experts

5 Tips for remote working

Through the power of Cloud Computing technology, more employees are choosing to work remotely. A recent Virgin Media Business survey anticipates that by 2022 60% employees will regularly work from home. As the Cloud grows, so do the number of individuals working outside of the office, but why is this the case? Why would a…
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The big benefits of Cloud Computing for small businesses

Cloud Computing for small businesses has never been more effective. By the end of 2013 it is anticipated that the Cloud Computing industry will be valued as a $44 billion market, with small and medium enterprises acting as a key driver. Cisco predicts that by 2015 Cloud spending within the US alone will be valued…
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Software as a Service: 5 reasons to SaaS your software

Cloud Computing is currently one of the fastest growing I.T. technologies in the world and the ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) element of the Cloud is one of the main contributors to this growth. Forrester research has recently stated that the Software as a Service market will increase by around 25% throughout 2013, up to…
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Software Escrow: Is Escrow dead?

virtualDCS has officially released its latest white paper, exploring the evolution of Software Escrow. The white paper aims to give readers an insight into the complications of a traditional Escrow solution, with a view to avoiding the issues explored. The paper provides insightful statistics on topics such as Cloud Computing adoption. Along with discussing the business…
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virtualDCS is presenting at the Yorkshire R3 event

Richard May, Managing Director of virtualDCS is speaking at the Yorkshire R3: Association of Recovery Professionals event this month.

Top tips for moving into the Cloud

Cloud Computing expert Richard May shares some of his top tips for moving into the Cloud.

virtualDCS launch their Virtual Service Provider offering

On Wednesday 21st March 2012, Cloud Computing experts’ virtualDCS officially launched their innovative new service, which enables users to create custom Cloud solutions.