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The Cloud Computing experts

Ensuring your private cloud is a success

Gartner analyst Tom Bitman recently posted a blog on the top six reasons that private clouds fail to work. He states that 95% respondents in a recent Gartner survey said that some aspect of their private cloud had gone wrong.  The responses were as follows. We decided to take put a positive spin on this…
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How to compete in the Cloud in 2015

As the Cloud has now entered the teenage years, businesses are increasingly comfortable with utilising virtualisation technology. Consequently in an effort to generate profit through a new trend, hundreds of new Service providers are entering the market each month, offering Cloud based solutions such as Disaster Recovery, Software as a Service and Voice as a…
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The Cloud Computing recruitment boom

Since the creation of the first virtual infrastructure, the world has become increasingly dependent on the advantages and connectivity that the ‘Cloud’ provides. This has led to the Cloud Computing recruitment boom. From individual users, to multi-million pound businesses, the Cloud is interwoven into our everyday lives. The need for this constant accessibility and convenience…
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virtualDCS is now an Authorised Licence Mobility Partner

As a Microsoft Authorised Licence Mobility Partner virtualDCS customers can now use their own software licences on our Cloud platform. Yes, you read correctly… it enables you to use your own licences in the Cloud. To date, your copy of a standard Microsoft open box product license should not have legally been used with a…
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virtualDCS supports Movember

A blog from Peter Bowers, Sales Director at virtualDCS I find it intriguing how Movember has become quite a cult following for us men. Providing us with that one and only time of the year where we can legitimately grow a bit of ‘face fuzz’, without too much backlash from the other half. Well, the…
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Business Continuity Planning: RPO and RTO

RPO and RTO are two of the most common abbreviations used when discussing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning, but what exactly do these terms mean and what do they mean for organisations? Recovery Point Objective (RPO) describes the amount of data that the organisation could afford to lose in the event of a disaster and…
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An introduction to Private Clouds

The virtualDCS team provide an introduction to Private Clouds technology and solutions