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Configure Microsoft SharePoint Workspace with SharePoint 2010

Configure Microsoft SharePoint Workspace with SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace is a desktop application designed for remote users who need access to SharePoint data 24/7. There are 2 methods to configure your SharePoint Workspace, both of which achieve the same result.

To “push” the SharePoint site to the Workspace client log into SharePoint via your web browser e.g. https://yoursite.com:987 Select ‘Sync to SharePoint Workspace’ from the Site Actions button.

Open Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 from All Programs -> Microsoft Office to view the SharePoint site.

To “pull” the SharePoint site to your Workspace, open the client

Click the “New” button then select “SharePoint Workspace”

Enter your SharePoint site address e.g. https://yoursite.com:987 and click Configure…

If your SharePoint site contains over 500 items in a library you will experience performance issues with SharePoint Workspace. Highlight the library with 500 items or more and select Download Headers Only from the drop down list on the right. Select OK.

A local copy of your SharePoint site will now be synchronised to Workspace client. Double click your new Workspace

You will now have the ability to view your SharePoint site documents in a familiar Windows Explorer style format.