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The different flavours of application hosting

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The different flavours of application hosting

When it comes to application hosting, and all things cloud, there is no single way of achieving the desired end solution.

This can often cause confusion for developers, as Infrastructure solutions come in a variety of ‘flavours’, where you can design the best platform for your software. From operating systems to fire walls, all elements can be customised. This is why partnering with an experienced vendor is important.

At a basic level, there are two well noted platform options for hosting software. These are Single-tenant SaaS, which is actually a basic hosting method, and Multi-tenant SaaS. These can then be supported by different layers of managed hosting, often provided by the cloud vendor.

Single-tenant SaaS or Hosting

application hostingSingle tenant SaaS is actually just plain and simple hosting, that has been swept up in the cloud acronym trend. With this ‘single-tenant SaaS’ method, the developer would have a dedicated Private Cloud platform for their business. Each of the developer’s customers would then have an individual, isolated stack dedicated to them.

Typically, this means that customer application is more isolated from other customers applications and that the developer can change each application to suit the customer if it’s required. This means that, if needed, customers can run on different versions of the software.

Multi-tenant SaaS

Application Hosting in this manner is delivered through an infrastructure platform, which is shared with other customers that belong to a vendor. All data and resources are separate and isolated from other customers but they all operate on the same platform infrastructure.

There are a number of advantages for a developer choosing to host their application in this way.

Firstly, upgrades are managed for all of the users on the platform and upgraded simultaneously.

This means that the developer doesn’t have to manage patches and upgrades, they’re automatically applied.
Secondly, developers don’t have to worry about scaling hardware in reflection to business growth as the vendor manages this. They can also easily scale up or down the requirements in your rented area, as needed.

Critical bugs are typically fixed faster and if any issues should occur on the platform, the vendor support team will be able to duplicate the environment quickly for testing, this should help reduce support time.

The future of SaaS

If you work with a competent cloud hosting provider then there are infinitely more advantages to utilising a multi-tenant SaaS environment. This is why it’s quickly becoming the norm for businesses utilising cloud technology.

Whichever form of application hosting your chose to deliver your software with, overall the cloud provides an array of business benefits for developers that were previously unavailable. Some of which include the ability to access new customers internationally, simplicity in performing proof of concepts, lower total cost of ownership, and painless upgrades.

These features are driving the industry forward and this fast paced cloud division is not set to slow down, in fact, by 2020 it’s estimated that the industry will be worth $132.57 Billion.

SaaS and your business

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