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Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

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How does Veeam Cloud Connect Backup work?

Veeam Cloud Connect offers a fully integrated, secure and seamless way to transfer your backups to the virtualDCS cloud. This means you can get physical and virtual backups offsite without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure.

Using your existing Veeam subscription and enabling Veeam Cloud Connect from your console, in the event of a data problem on your site, you can access the virtualDCS hosted repositories and retrieve your data at any time. You can run your backups directly or copy in-house backups off-site to us, either as they happen or on a scheduled basis

Working together, we can provide the most appropriate protection for each of your workloads.


Why Veeam Cloud Connect Backup with virtualDCS?

As a Veeam partner for over 10 years, virtualDCS has expanded the existing Veeam software to create innovative backup and replication solutions, designed to fit around modern business priorities.

Take advantage of:
• Restore point verification.
• Individual file recovery.
• Capacity and planning forecasts.
• End-to-end encryption and single pane of glass visibility.
• Customisable RPOs and low RTOs.
• VM restoration in minutes.
• Configure backups to your bandwidth capabilities.
• Utilise the external backup functionality to mitigate data loss.
• Storage level corruption guards and auto-healing data block technology.
• Reduce consumption with in-built compression and deduplication methods.
• Protect all workstations across multiple sites.
• Image-based backup and restoration for your entire Workstation, volume levels or individual files.
• Built-in insider threat protection.


VMware Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Recover what you want, the way you want it, at the click of a button.

Veeam and virtualDCS combined offer fast and reliable restoration for VMware vSphere virtual machines. From individual files to entire VMs your data is easily recoverable, with customisable RPOs and low RTOs.

In addition to backups, you can also maintain image-based replicas both on-site and-off site for simple restoration without organisational disruption. Built-in tools such as SureBackup and SupeReplica automatically verify every backup and restore point, making offsite data protection simpler than ever before.

With additional features such as a single pane of glass visibility, invocations at the click of a button and backup compliance reporting, it’s no wonder that businesses worldwide are utilising offsite data protection with Veeam and virtualDCS.


Hyper-V and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Hyper-V Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Powerful protection for Hyper-V environments.

Offering the same benefits as Veeam Cloud Connect VMware backup, virtualDCS offers more than just the ability to backup and replicate workloads offsite. The partnership offers a simple, fast, secure and feature-rich recovery suite that puts data firmly in your control.

In today’s world, privacy and data security are more critical than ever before, which is why we’ve chosen to be based entirely in the UK, with data on our wholly-owned hosted cloud platforms.


Physical Server Protection

Protect your physical Microsoft Windows and Linux-based physical servers, IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris systems.

To make an organisation run smoothly in today’s multi-cloud world, many businesses opt to utilise a hybrid environment containing both physical and virtual assets.  However, due to outdated backup tools and a lack of solution synchronicity, physical servers can remain unprotected and forgotten, until the worst happens and you’re unable to access the data.

Utilising Veeam Agents, virtualDCS can help streamline your hybrid environment, enabling you to manage your workloads from a single management console.

Veeam Cloud Connect backup physical servers

Workstation Backup and Resiliency

Workspace device protection for Windows and Linux.

veeam cloud connect backup replication resellers

Use your applicable Veeam software you can backup complying desktops and laptops to your Veeam repository, as part of your disaster recovery strategy. 

Transferring your Workstation data to the cloud, you don’t have to worry about hardware failures, Ransomware encrypting your files or accidental deletion, simply recover your information from our cloud within minutes.


Apple Mac server protection using Veeam Cloud Connect 

Apple protection like never before.

Businesses that use virtualised Apple Macs can take advantage of a range of additional features, such as flexible graphics and video processing, but these advantages can come at a cost if you can’t protect your data.

virtualDCS is currently the only provider that offers Veeam Cloud Connect Apple Mac protection. With custom technology, virtualDCS can now provide Apple users with seamless replication and fail-over at will, without interrupting important processes.

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