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CloudCover Guardian for Azure

You're already protecting Microsoft 365 data, but what about the configurations that bind it together? Track and recover your Microsoft 365 environment, including Entra ID, Intune, Exchange, SharePoint configurations, and more.

Water without a container is just a puddle

While many organisations understand the importance of backing up data within Microsoft 365, they don’t realise that the configurations binding the data in place also need to be protected.

Microsoft 365 relies on over 250 unique configurations behind the scenes, acting as an instruction manual for your entire tenancy. This manual dictates how data can be securely interacted within an organisation, with entire chapters dedicated to Entra ID, Exchange, Intune, OneDrive and more.

Could you restore your Microsoft 365 without a manual?

When the unthinkable leads to major Microsoft 365 data loss, you manage to recover the files and emails for all your users, but not the configurations. You have no idea who has access to shared emails, distribution groups, or what access policies were in place. Each of these configurations now needs to be remembered, and manually recreated for each user… but while you restore them, what are the consequences? Do users now have access to confidential information? You’ve spent years perfecting your security policies, how quickly could you recreate them?

CloudCover Guardian for Azure, as part of CloudCover, enables organisations to safeguard their entire Microsoft 365 Backup experience for a smooth, holistic recovery when disaster strikes.

SharePoint Backup


Conditional access

Antivirus Policies

Tenant Settings

Channel policies

Entra ID Backup

Antivirus Policy



Security &Compliance

Distribution Groups

OneDrive Settings

Mailbox permissions

Teams Messaging policies

Calling policies

Why backup your Microsoft 365 configurations?

Entra ID

Entra ID (formally Azure AD) has become the gatekeeper for many modern businesses. 

Not only does Entra ID control access to your Microsoft tenancy, it also safeguards access to a range of essential business tools.

Capture configuration changes within your organisation while protecting Conditional Access policies, Attribute sets and more.


A fast return to "Business as usual"

Take charge of your data security and ensure full Microsoft 365 continuity in the event of a security threat.

From Ransomware to insider attacks and accidental deletion, avoid rebuilding user accounts, permissions and rules after a disruption or data loss incident.

Security and compliancy at its core

Gain a clear picture of your Microsoft tenancy and stop potential Cyber security attacks in their tracks with advanced configuration comparisons and Blueprint reports. 

A vital tool for Information and Cyber security standards  including ISO 27001: 2022. 

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Microsoft's Shared Responsibility Model has changed

As part of Microsoft’s division of responsibilities, the customer/organisation is now responsible for protecting Accounts and Identities within the 365 platform.

Without an independent backup in place, your data is at risk. Access full-fidelity backup and restoration in a few clicks.

guardian for azure

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Full-fidelity Microsoft 365 backup

Secure your Microsoft 365 environment with Backup and restoration capabilities across both Azure configurations and the data held within your Microsoft 365 tenancy.

Whether it is the accidental deletion of a user or the suspicious amendment of a security policy, organisations can quickly rollback Microsoft Azure configurations to a safe state with CloudCover Guardian for Azure.
Entra ID and Azure configuration backup
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Comparison and change detection

With twice-daily comparisons, track all configuration changes within your Microsoft Tenancy for a 360° view of your estate. 

Pinpoint alterations and activity, whether intentional, accidental or malicious, including:

  • User deletion
  • Permission elevations
  • Software and system alterations
  • and more

Safeguard your Azure Blueprint

Should configuration data loss occur, the task of remembering and manually recreating the lost changes is time-consuming. Depending on permissions, a long restore period could even lead to potential data breaches across an organisation.

As part of the solution, CloudCover Guardian for Azure provides a central Blueprint for your organisation – acting as a pristine copy of your ideal configurations, capturing every setting and security policy, so that you’re always prepared should disaster strike.


CloudCover shield

Streamlined data governance

Configuration management is becoming a central focus within Cyber security frameworks. CloudCover Guardian for Azure can help with the following:

  •  ISO 27001: 2022 – Organisations now need to have a control based around ‘configuration management’ detailing the process of controlling and managing the changes to the hardware, software, and network configurations of an organisation’s IT systems.


  • NIST – CloudCover Guardian for Azure can help organisations with all pillars of the NIST framework. Protect and Recover configurations, while detecting potentially unwanted changes to an organisation’s Microsoft Estate.

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