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What is Voice as a Service?

Voice as a Service is another cloud buzz word which is being discussed within the industry. It can also be referred to as VaaS, IP Telephony, VoIP or an Internet Phone.

To put it simply, it is actually all of the above. Voice as a Service it is defined as the routing of voice conversations over the Internet, through any IP-based network.

Voice as a Service technology holds a number of benefits over traditional telephone solutions

what is voice as a service

• There are no maintenance or support charges for the service.

• You can work from any location: your employees can work from the office, home or while travelling. Even on the move, they can still access a full range of features.

• You can access the facilities through a useful mobile application.

• Any employee extension can be controlled individually via an internet portal. The portal also allows employee accounts to be modified in real time with ease.

• Detailed online billing and reports are available for viewing.

• With our assistance, your business can shape the perfect solution for individual user requirements.