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Partner focused Cloud Solutions

virtualDCS is proud to provide industry-leading Cloud Services to the Channel

Introducing CloudCover Services

As a Channel-first solutions provider, virtualDCS has created ‘CloudCover’, an innovative suite of “as a Service” solutions designed around modern business priorities.

virtualDCS is a UK Cloud Provider delivering leading Infrastructure and Business Continuity services from UK Cloud platforms.

As a Channel-first solutions provider, virtualDCS has created 'CloudCover', an innovative suite of "as a Service" solutions designed around modern business priorities.

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Veeam-powered Microsoft 365 Backup

Feature-rich Backup for Microsoft Office 365 using the world’s leading data protection software, Veeam.

Offer complete Microsoft 365 Backup for Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and more.

Learn more about CloudCover 365 

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Local on-site Backup

Our local Backup offering provides everything you need to supply an on-site Backup solution for your customer base.

Working around their bespoke requirements and utilising over 10 years experience working with Veeam software technologies, we can offer your customers off-site protection, solution architecture consultancy, Backup support and on-going management.

Learn more about local Veeam Backup 

CloudCover Backup

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Considering today's evolving threat landscape, it is increasingly vital for organisations to have an off-site Backup in place.

You can help Backup and protect your customer's data off-site in our ISO 27001 compliant UK data centres.

Leverage our experience and accreditations to deliver your own Veeam Backup solutions worldwide.

Learn more about Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

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CloudCover Object Storage

Businesses are creating more unstructured data than ever before, leaving them to balance the challenge of managing, backup up and recovering their information, while also keeping costs low.

Whether you and your customers need to store files or fulfil a 3-2-1 backup strategy, CloudCover Object Storage provides all the benefits, without the transaction costs of Hyperscalers.

Learn more about CloudCover Object Storage

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Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

Organisations need a fast, reliable method of data protection.

By replicating your customer's business-critical data to our secure off-site data centres, they can be confident that the information at the heart of the business is protected and accessible in any scenario.

Learn more about Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

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Continuous Data Protection

Achieving true Business Continuity for large-scale organisations is an on-going battle, simply because of the speed in which their data changes.

CloudCover CDP uses ‘always on replication’ technology, meaning that each data change is instantly replicated to one of our secure off-site data centres, as it happens.

This means that in the event of an incident, data loss can be measured in seconds, with the organisation regaining productivity quickly.

Learn more about CloudCover CDP

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Kubernetes Data Protection

Kubernetes is the tool of choice for many organisations, but while Kubernetes provides the high availability and scalability of application services these benefits do not extend to the organisation’s data.

CloudCover K8s can help.

Purpose built for Kubernetes, CloudCover K8s offers additional layers of protection for Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery and Application mobility.

Learn more about CloudCover K8s

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CloudCover Shuttle

Data is a powerful tool when it's in the right place at the right time, but for many moving large data sets still remains costly, complex and time consuming.

CloudCover Shuttle enables organisations to securely move these data sets on demand, without compromising on security.

CloudCover Shuttle is available as a "pay as you go" service to assist with data movement, data recovery and data consolidation.

Learn more about CloudCover Shuttle

IaaS e1670853399718

Infrastructure as a Service

Host customer systems through our highly available, resilient platform with 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and up to 99.999% availability.

Help streamline business operations, guarantee performance, and provide all the advantages of the Cloud, without variable budget concerns.

virtualDCS Infrastructure Services include Infrastructure Hosting, Software Hosting, private Clouds, Desktop as a Service solutions and Hybrid Clouds. 

Learn more about virtualDCS Infrastructure Services

Cyber protect

CloudCover Cyber Protect

With the growing threat of Ransomware, Phishing and Insider threats, many organisations are overwhelmed by the magnitude and complexity of Cybersecurity best practices today.

Help safeguard your customer's data from a complex and ever-growing threat landscape, using CloudCover Cyber Protect services.

Learn more about CloudCover Cyber Protect

virtualDCS channel Cloud services

Become a partner

Access a range of white labelled services that can be customised to your brand, so that you can easily resell & expand your service portfolio and offer “ready to go” Cloud services.

virtualDCS channel Cloud services

Find a partner

virtualDCS has a number of specialised partners qualified to deliver our solutions worldwide. Find a dedicated partner in your area using our find a partner portal.

The Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery experts

virtualDCS is a specialist, award-winning Cloud Service Provider. We deliver leading-edge Infrastructure, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services from UK Cloud platforms with a focus on supporting the Channel and Service Providers.

Utilising technologies such as Veeam®, VMware and Microsoft our experience enables you to enhance your solutions with additional layers of availability, security, and data sovereignty. 

veeam approved partner
Veeam off-site backup
Backup as a Service - Microsoft Office 365 Backup
Veeam Disaster Recovery as a Service - veeam cloud connect replication
Channel Backup as a Service

Take the holistic approach to data protection, with reseller ready Veeam Cloud services.

Looking to resell Veeam, Veeam Backup, Veeam Cloud Connect or Cloud Computing services to your customer base? virtualDCS is approved and accredited to resell Veeam services across Veeam’s entire portfolio.

Drawing on our 15 years of Service Provider experience and utilising Veeam’s powerful APIs, we’re proud to have enhanced Veeam technology further than ever before, offering a simple end-user experience through our CloudCover service range.

By partnering with virtualDCS, you can resell Veeam services without investing in your own platform or infrastructure. Our CloudCover white labelled service range even allows you to customise and configure the solutions to your own brand and to meet your client’s specific needs.

Access a full portfolio of ready-to-go Cloud services in minutes, with virtualDCS and CloudCover. Become a Veeam Cloud Reseller, today!

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