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CloudCover Backup: Veeam Cloud Connect Backup + Clean Room Recovery

Having a backup copy of data off-site is no longer enough. In today's threat landscape, the ability to be able to recover data in a fast, clean and effective way has never been more important.

Backup and protect data offsite

Veeam Cloud Connect offers a fully integrated, secure and seamless way to transfer customer backups to the Cloud while retaining full control and visibility of the information. 

By working with virtualDCS, using Veeam software, you can enable your customers to take their backups off-site and provide protection for virtual, physical, and Cloud-based workloads without the cost or complexity of building and maintaining your own secondary off-site infrastructure.

Provide the perfect opportunity to fulfil the industry-recommended 3-2-1-1-0 rule and protect your customers with an insurance policy against internal and external security threats, including Ransomware attacks, hardware malfunctions and accidental deletion. Our CloudCover Backup solution also includes 7 days of free insider protection, as standard.

CloudCover Backup, utilising Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Clean Room recovery makes data protection simple, profitable and practical for any customer environment. 

Offsite Backup
Veeam Cloud Connect Backup datasheet

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Discover how simple, and profitable it can be to resell Veeam Cloud Connect Backup to your customers.

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CloudCover Clean Room Recovery

When evaluating a Backup and Disaster Recovery approach, it’s important to answer the following:

  • If you or your customer were to get infected by Ransomware, what would you do? 
  • Would you have the resources readily available to recover the data? 
  • Do you have spare hardware available to restore to, while the insurance company investigates the breach?
  • Do you have an isolated environment to ensure everything is healthy before returning to business as usual?
  • Do you have the skills and tools in-house to clean the data and resolve the situation?

CloudCover Backup combines the capabilities of Veeam Cloud Connect Backup with the unique ability to recover data in a Clean Room environment. 

This functionality removes the guesswork and vulnerability of restoring backups after a Ransomware attack, with the flexibility to provide the level of recovery support that you require.

Flexible data recovery around your needs

Clean Rooms can be used in a number of revocation scenarios, with flexible packages to suit your customer’s recovery priorities, these include:

  • Restoring data as it exists to a sterile clean room environment for monitoring and data assessment. 
  • Utilising our Veeam experts and Cyber-security partners to complete basic data health checks, or thoroughly scan files for abnormalities.
  • Once the recovery is confirmed to be clean, organisations can also access data from within the recovery room until their infrastructure is stabilised.
Using the CloudCover clean room gives organisations complete peace of mind,  ensuring data is healthy before restoration takes place.
Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Clean Room

Key Veeam Cloud Connect Backup features:

Simple management

The easy-to-use solution can be set up in minutes from the local Veeam console.

Air-gapped protection

Give your customers peace of mind and protection against Ransomware attacks.


Scale up and down resources as required. Define a customer's retention period.

End-to-end encryption

Rest easy. You're in full control of encryption, both in-flight and at rest.

Insider threat protection

If someone maliciously deletes company backups, they'll be retained for seven days.

Cost reductions

Avoid the cost of buying, managing and maintaining your own infrastructure.

Immutable Veeam Backup

If air gap and insider protection are not enough, immutable backup options are available.

UK based

Our UK Infrastructure and business provide data residency and sovereignty.

Free trial

Offer your customers a free 30-day trial of Veeam Cloud Connect Backup.

Why partner with virtualDCS to resell Veeam Cloud Connect?

As well as being a Platinum Veeam Cloud Service Provider, virtualDCS was the UK’s first Veeam approved reseller ready partner. Head to our Partner page to Resell Veeam and Veeam Cloud Connect

Approved across all products and services, Veeam recognises that virtualDCS offers world-leading, best-in-class Veeam-powered services for its customers and partners.

The VCSP competency program is awarded to service providers that show the highest levels of skill, knowledge, and experience around Veeam technology. Veeam are confident that virtualDCS can pass this knowledge on to our own customers and partners. 

Access instant Veeam Cloud Connect Backup pricing

Exploring Veeam Backup pricing? We understand that many organisations are looking for the cheapest Veeam Cloud Connect solution, which is why we're open and transparent about our prices.

In addition to using the Veeam pricing calculator , we recommend that you take advantage of a Veeam Cloud Connect free trial and proof of concept.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup FAQs:

Veeam Cloud Connect is a secure, reliable solution that simplifies off-site backup and replication. Available within the Veeam Backup and Replication console, it facilitates the transmission of data to secure offsite data centres.

With virtualDCS, Veeam Cloud Connect enables organisations to access Secure Cloud Backup with immutability, without needing to purchase and maintain additional hardware. Immutable Backup is recommended for organisations to protect their data against Ransomware and insider threats.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup with virtualDCS also allows organisations to access Virtual Machines from these offsite backups in a Disaster Recovery scenario. Using our leading Clean Room service as part of CloudCover Backup you can be confident that data is free of malware before restoration.

For the most critical virtual machines, where a lower RPO is needed, users can also access secure Disaster Recovery services through the Veeam Backup and Replication console with Veeam Cloud Connect Replication.

Simply fill in our free Veeam Cloud Connect trial form below for a 5TB 30-day trial.

All we need to know to get started with your Veeam Backup trial is the space you require and the number of VMs you wish to protect.

Take your physical and virtual backups offsite and protect VMs with ease by enabling Veeam Cloud Connect Backup as a Service from your console. Should a data problem occur on your site, your information is protected.

Take a look at the video below for a full in-depth view of Veeam Cloud Connect, or contact our Veeam team to have your specific questions answered.

As a Veeam Cloud provider virtualDCS has a breadth of knowledge across a range of Veeam solutions.

Working with our partners we help to deliver leading Cloud Connect Backup solutions for physical, virtual and Cloud-based workloads including VMware, Apple, Microsoft Hyper-V, AWS, Azure and more.

Feel free to contact our dedicated Veeam team for more information.

No, not at all. As a virtualDCS partner Veeam will still recognise your organisation for selling CloudCover services, including Veeam Cloud Connect Backup.

This means that you can retain your existing partnership while receiving all the benefits of a partnership with virtualDCS.

virtualDCS is a Platinum Veeam Cloud Service Provider and was the UK’s first Veeam approved ‘reseller ready’ partner. virtualDCS has been awarded this accolade across all Veeam services.

The VCSP competency program is awarded to service providers that show the highest level of Veeam expertise within their organisation and are able to work with their partners to pass on this knowledge. 

View our awards and accreditations page

Providing your customer with a Veeam Cloud Connect solution is simple. Once you’ve signed up to be a virtualDCS Veeam Reseller partner, we’ll walk you through the process and offer support and assistance along the way.

Reselling Veeam Backup and Replication is simple – you can get estimated end user pricing straight away for the solution through our Veeam online pricing tool.

If you’re interested in reselling Veeam Cloud Connect Backup or reselling Veeam Cloud Connect Replication, we have a useful online Veeam pricing tool available. This tool provides RRP pricing for all of our Veeam Cloud Services, including Microsoft 365 Backup.

To generate a quote for your customer, simply enter the amount of data they want to protect using our Veeam offsite Backup service.

This pricing tool is not only helpful for generating quotes but many of our partners also use the RRP pricing as a guideline while adding wrap-around services for their customers.

If you have any specific requirements or questions about pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A Data Clean Room is a Cloud-adjacent environment where servers can be quickly restored, removing the reliance on slow Internet connectivity or the need for spare hardware to be readily available.

Recovering data to a CloudCover Clean Room removes the guesswork and vulnerability of restoring backups after a Ransomware attack, with the flexibility to provide the level of recovery support that you require.

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