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Online software can help Florists blossom

Online software can help Florists blossom

At this stage in the cloud computing timeline, it’s clear that Software as a Service (SaaS) technology is a vital computing and business tool for organisations across a number of industries.

In light of recent statistics, it’s safe to say that SaaS is here to stay. With an estimated growth rate of 18.3%, IDC predicts that the cloud software market will surpass $112.8bn by 2019.

One growing business sector that is rarely mentioned in cooperation with cloud technology is Floristry, when in fact this area is one which could benefit from accessing software online the most.

So, why SaaS for Florists?

FloristIt’s hard to think of any business where its employees would not benefit from having access to universal information at anytime, anywhere. When delivering orders or visiting a supplier, a Florist would benefit from being able to have up to date information on what products need ordering and the status of each order. If everything is stored in one location, the company never has to take anything to chance. Gone are the days of writing gift card messages down on paper. Everyone has access to the latest information all stored in one place.

Does your flower shop do any marketing? As information is stored and accessed through the application, it’s simple to generate customer databases for marketing purposes. For example, the flower shop could easily send out a promotion on Valentines Day Roses to every existing customer by generating a list of all their emails.

These benefits above have been condensed from some of the few existing SaaS applications on the market. However, many Florists have created their own internal software applications to combat these requirements.

If you are one of these businesses and would like to make money while sharing your application with other Florists, then contact a member of virtualDCS.