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Tips for selling software online

Tips for selling software online

Whether applications are sold as a SaaS service or as a traditional offering, the software industry is a multibillion-dollar sector.

A thriving market doesn’t ensure success, so how can a developer improve sales opportunities?

Beta test

If you’re not already, investing in feedback from your current customers is vital. Phil Sharp, senior marketing manager at UserTesting told CIO.com that developers should: “Mock up the simplest version you are offering, get it in front of people and get their brutally honest feedback. This will help you improve your product early and save you thousands of dollars down the road.”

Selling software onlineDon’t manage everything in-house

By partnering with a hosting provider, you can outsource your IT maintenance to a third party. Not only does this reduce your internal capital expenditure, but it also frees up the time of your existing staff. Developers have more time to focus on improving the software and sales has more opportunities to sell, rather than manage internal customer liaisons.

Work on your sales processes

There’s no point in getting your customers to the door if you can’t find the key to let them in. It’s vital that you have processes in place to ensure that customers are taking part in a smooth on-boarding process and know who to get in touch with, should they need to.

Offer a free trial

It’s important that customers have every opportunity to see how a product can work for them and a free trial is an excellent way of achieving this. Even virtualDCS has adopted this model and offers a free software hosting trial for developers. Not only can the customer see how the product would fit in their organisation, but it also gives the business a chance to interact with the customer and provide some fantastic customer service.

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