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Part 2: Creating your Ransomware Defence

Welcome back to part two in the blog series ‘Breaking the Ransomware Cycle’. In this section, we’ll be exploring how organisations can formulate a plan to limit the impact of Ransomware should it strike. For a more in-depth view, you can watch the accompanying webinar here. Part 2: Creating your Ransomware defence originally led by Richard May, CEO of virtualDCS.

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Part 1: Understanding the Ransomware landscape

Ransomware is now a common (and often recurring) threat to modern organisations and regardless of size or sector, businesses are now being forced to move from an “if it happens” to a “when it happens” mindset. Entering 2024, for the fourth year in row Cyber-attacks were the leading cause of ‘impactful outages’ with 3 out of 4 organisations suffering at

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Join the CloudCover 365 Enterprise Plus Beta Program

We’re excited to announce the official opening of our beta program for the CloudCover 365 Enterprise Plus model! This new service tier includes CloudCover Guardian for Azure, a powerful tool designed to safeguard your Microsoft 365 configurations. This beta program revolves around your feedback, and we’d really like to hear your thoughts on the new service. This is your chance

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