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The Cloud Computing experts

Disaster Recovery for Private Clouds

A recent CloudEndure report assesses industry Disaster Recovery plans for Public Cloud solutions. The report finds that a key risk to cloud computing system availability remains human error. Interviewing 116 IT professionals, the report examines the various disaster recovery protocols that businesses have in place for their Private Cloud Solutions. The results find that organisations believe human…
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Could your business survive if your office didn’t?

It’s hard to imagine losing your entire physical business and everything inside it, but unfortunately for many unprepared businesses this is often a reality. You can avoid this with a Disaster Recovery plan. In 2014, there were eight climate related events which caused losses of over $1 billion in the United States. Naturally, these catastrophic…
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Disaster Recovery: back up your data or lose it forever

Tuesday 31st March 2015 was the annual ‘world backup day’ which helps to create awareness of the importance of backing up both your personal and corporate files. Some individuals may choose to simply backup important images or videos, whereas IT managers may need to backup entire servers full of information. According to a recent infographic…
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Finding the right cloud provider

A guest blog by Tom Chappelow, Managing Director of Nimbox. Choosing the right sales model, coding languages, website font and coffee machine are all important decisions when launching a new and (hopefully) popular app. As we began to build a company around our app, and as the availability of the Nimbox service became the biggest cause of…
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Enterprise Cloud migration tips

Enterprise Cloud migration tips I’m sure you are already aware that migrating your IT facilities to the cloud has an array of advantages. The two most popular being the ability to access business data from any location and the simplicity of upgrading storage when required, without the worry of capital expenditure. Many blogs explore these…
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Business continuity – Tape vs Cloud backup

What solution is best for my business? Tape backups can be a useful if you are working for a small company that needs a simple internal Business Continuity solution. As long as you can commit to swapping the tapes on a regular basis, then depending on the rate of change this could be an acceptable solution. When…
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The true cost of Cloud Computing downtime

With a number of businesses migrating to the Cloud each day, service providers are being placed under more and more pressure to provide a highly available and secure service. Even just a few minutes of downtime on a platform can cost a business a staggering amount. Over the last five years, worldwide, there has been…
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